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The move Pursuit has a priority of +7 when the opponent tries to switch out.

+7 Pursuit*

+6 Switching out, rotating, using items, escaping

+5 Helping Hand

+4 Magic Coat, Snatch

+3 Detect, Endure, Follow Me, Protect, Fake Out*, Quick Guard, Rage Powder, Wide Guard

+2 Feint, ExtremeSpeed*

+1 Aqua Jet, Bide, Bullet Punch, ExtremeSpeed, Fake Out*, Ice Shard, Mach Punch, Quick Attack, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Vacuum Wave, Ally Switch

0 All other moves

-1 Vital Throw

-2 None

-3 Focus Punch

-4 Avalanche, Revenge*

-5 Counter, Mirror Coat

-6 Roar, Whirlwind, Dragon Tail, Circle Throw

-7 Trick Room, Wonder Room, Magic Room, fleeing

The number refers to the move's priority.

so... what are the asterisksfor?
Revenge and Avalanche get boosted damage from Focus Punch, and do not interrupt it, making them the only attacks that cannot interrupt Focus Punch. A few of them are off since the answer is seen as italicizing it.
Why is extremespeed in both +1 and +2? And how is fleeing -7? I don't get it.
and the *, what does that mean?
The * is when moves have changed priority in different games. ExtremeSpeed used to be +1 but from Black/White it is +2.
Oh, I get it now, thanks. And fleeing is based on the speed of your Pokemon right?
What is the difference between fleeing and escaping, if it refers to when roaming pokemon flee does that mean that roaming pokemon can only flee after you attack?