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It may also be based on the Knights of the Round Table, characters under Arthur's order said to work with him to protect the British kingdom.

The Knights of the Round Table were great fighters, defending the kingdom. This may be why Zamazenta is a Fighting type. Defenders need to fight back, so Zamzazenta encompasses that with the Fighting type.


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I agree with this. Fighting type is often given to Pokémon to denote their affiliation to good and heroism. This is actually why so many fire starters are fighting type. As they are all based on the zodiac animals. They have hero counterparts in Chinese legends. Dark type in Japanese is literally translated as evil type and they are weak to fighting, or “hero” types. Pointless commentary on my part? Perhaps. You’re welcome.
^ While most of the above comment is true, the fire starters are not actually based on the zodiac animals. I don’t blame you for believing it though; it’s a pretty common misconception!
I mean, it's never actually been proven true or proven false yet. So I guess we'll know after the twelfth generation.
There are too many holes for it to be believable if you have researched the myth in detail. This article covers most of them: https://observationdeck.kinja.com/the-fire-starters-in-pokemon-are-not-based-on-the-anima-1771561551#:~:text=The%20Fire%20Starters%20in%20Pokémon%20are%20NOT,based%20on%20the%20animals%20in%20the%20Chinese%20Zodiac

As you can see, the theory covers half the fire starters at an absolute maximum, and that’s having to stretch most of them.
I'd personally like to believe it, but yeah, I have a bit of trouble believing it's real. Cyndaquil and Fennekin sort of stretch it.
But then, what are the fire-type starters based on? Or are they just random animals? Is the chaos theory correct? Jeff Goldblum was right?! *sobs*