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i need it to find a chansey with an lucky egg


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The only Pokemon who have frisk before Gen.5 are-Shuppet and Banette. Not much choices as it seems. Good luck finding that lucky egg!

and stantler
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You can increase the chance of a Chansey with a Lucky Egg appearing by having a Pokemon with the ability Compoundeyes (such as Butterfree) at the front of your party. When the Chansey appears, you can switch from your Butterfree to your Pokemon with Frisk to discover what item it is holding. Shuppet, Banette, and Stantler have the Frisk ability. Hope this helped and Happy Hunting!

I have no idea if that's true.
the ability Compoundeyes increases your chances of a Pokemon appearing that is holding an item by 50%, not just a Chansey with a Lucky Egg. When the Chansey appears, the Frisk ability allows you to see if it is, by chance, holding a Lucky Egg. You are uninformed.