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I want to make my sneasel evolve into weavile but i don't know where to find a razor-claw
(this is in platinum)


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There are two places to find a Razor Claw and both can be found near or in Victory Road. Before beating the Elite 4, you can find a Razor Claw on the first floor of Victory Road. The other one is on Route 224 when you defeat the Elite Four and attain access to the Route from Victory Road.

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Go to the end of victory road. work backwards until u find an old man (expert) and go west until u reach a poke ball (item) pik it upand its a razor claw. let ur sneasel hold it and level it up between 8:00pm and 4:00 am. its then gona evovle to weavile.

thanks! cant wait for a weavile.