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I was hoping I could get some clarification on if its possible to use the glitch in the virtual console versions of gold, silver, or crystal to get all three starters (the storing the Pokemon in the box and restarting glitch).
Is there any issue in pokebank if after you have beaten the game and want to bring your favorites over to ultra moon or sun? Specifically will pokebank allow you to bring your 3 starters or will it cause a crash?
Sorry if this has been answered already I couldn't find it specifically.

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Yes it is possible on for every Pokemon except Mew unless you have the right trainer ID and name, even Pokemon obtained through glitches as long as they learn the right moves. (Bug Catching Contest Glitch and Coin Case Glitches)

Source: I played an Alola game with transferring the 3 starters and Random Encounter Shiny Furret using the same glitch.

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