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So I was playing Gen 8 Ubers, and my Zacian-CRowned used Behemoth Blade against an Obstagoon who used Obstruct. But it still OHKO the Obstagoon. How is that possible?

Did Obstruct fail?
No it did not, it even had the animation and everything
Showdown does have its glitches, once I outsped even with lower speed without trick room
Can you post the replay? (If you have it)
No, I don't have it. I forgot to upload it.
Here is a replay of me against me. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ubers-1184328244
It failed for me, I don't know why it worked for you. Must have been a glitch
Was there any other conditions? (Taunt on obstagoon maybe?) (Does that work I dunno but you know what I mean)

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Okay, I can almost guarantee that that was a glitch. As shown in the previous replay, behemoth blade can't hit thru obstruct. As shown by this replay taunt makes it struggle too. So, if it showed the animation and didn't fail, it must have been a glitch. If you dont believe me thats okay, but be aware that there are many glitches in showdown, as it is still beta, and personally I have experienced glitches too. Sorry I can't give a clearer answer but there is almost no way that it could hit thru it (unless somehow you had unseen fist on it) The only other possible option is that you misread it and it did fail. Again, sorry I can't give a clear answer, but it is highly likely it was a glitch.
EDIT:So you know how in the replay taunt hit thru obsrtuct?Well, turns out that's a glitch too, leading me to belive that obstructs coding may have not been done correctly

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Oh, and yes my obstagoon only had obstruct, which is why it struggled
Thanks :).