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Question says it all.

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What about Groudon and P-don?
Both get 2hkoed by close combat after stealth rock.
But they can OHKO him with a Precipice Blades
Nobody with half a braincell would switch their Zacian-Crowned into Groudon, or stay in against it if it's at full hp without having the intention to sack it.
What Ignis said. People switch Zac-C vs Groudon-Primal. Against Quag and NDM, they tend to say in and click CC for some added damage, say if they click Srocks or if Scald doesn’t burn, or anything.
Against Primal it will always switch.

And **** Zacian-Crowned is not a ‘he’ it is an ‘it’.

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First of all, I'll need to define "counter" here.

Pokémon A counters Pokémon B if Pokémon A can manually switch into Pokémon B and still win every time, even under the worst case scenario, without factoring in hax.


By the above, we get to know if a Pokémon A can switch into Pokémon B, survive a hit, and win against Pokémon B, then Pokémon A is dubbed as a counter to Pokémon B.
So now, what Pokémon can switch into a powerhouse like Zacian-Crowned, survive an attack, and win? The list is very short, but I'll be going through it here.

  • Necrozma-Dusk Mane: The best Pokémon to counter Zacian-Crowned is Necrozma-Dusk Mane. With its gargantuan bulk, great typing, and access to reliable recovery, Necrozma-DM shines as a Zac-C counter. Almost every team in SS AG which is not Hyper Offense or Stall incorporates one of these. It can go for Rocky Helmer as an item, so that it chips Zac-C every time it switches onto it, making life difficult for the Zacian. It also has fantastic utility moves such as Knock Off, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Thunder Wave and more, which it can use to their fullest extent. It can also utilize Dragon Dance on defensive sets, turning Zacian-Crowned and opposing Necrozma-DM into setup fodder for it.
    But sadly, everything is not well for it. If hazards are on your side of the field, and if you switchin the NDM onto a Zac-C, and if the Zac-C clicks Assurance, they can pick you off with Close Combat the next turn. Therefore, teammates such as Yveltal which can Defog away the hazards are also recommended. Otherwise, you can run Heavy-Duty Boots, but it's usually an inferior option.
    But still, this is a minor issue, and not letting the opponent set hazards, or setting up your own hazards and making them Fog is a nice way to get past this issue.

  • Quagsire: Quagsire is usually seen on Stall teams, as they don't have the luxury of running Necrozma-DM. But neverthless, Quagsire acts as a very good Zacian-Crowned counter, as it resists Behemoth Blade, and has Unaware to take care of the Zac's boosts. It also has a passable bulk, making it a nice Zacian-C counter. Outside Stall, though, it's usually outclassed by Necrozma-DM, which is tbh a better Pokémon than it in some ways.
    Quagsire also has Haze, which can help against Zacian-C and other setup sweepers, such as Zekrom, from setting up and going boom. Zekrom can also surpass its Unaware with Teravolt, and so Haze helps a lot here. Scald is a very useful move which can potentially burn a Zacian, so it can't always stay in. Quagsire can also utilize Curse, as it can setup on non-Toxic variants of Necrozma-DM and Zac-C, and, potentially, pull off a late-game sweep. It also has Earthquake, which can force Zacian out. Rocky Helmet is the preferred item on it too, to chip Zacian-C and make it easier for you.
    But because it is affected by each and every entry hazard, Heavy-Duty Boots also suffice as a good item for it, because Eternatus's Toxic Spikes can pose an issue for it, as well as normal Spikes.

That's the short list lol. This was mostly about SS AG, but in NDAG, Necrozma-DM would be your best friend to counter Zacian-C.

Hope it helped!!

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omg there can be a few typos please ignore them I was on a small phone xdd
ayo even Groudon-Primal counters Zacian-Crowned with 248 HP / 36 Def. Survives the 2HKO from CC, so it's winning the 1v1 always, even if it's coming on a manual switch.

e: wrote the as thr ;;
That's a check, not counter. It can just switch out till you are in low HP or using Rest.
>  so it's winning the 1v1 always
Do you know 1v1
"counters". It should be "checks"
> When we discuss whether something checks or counters something else, we think about a hypothetical situation in which both Pokémon are completely healthy, and after both Pokémon enter the battlefield, whether by free or manual switch, neither is allowed to switch out. Under these conditions, we think about which Pokémon wins, and from this we can determine what checks or counters what.

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I’ll use this is Gen 8/NatDex AG, but the answer is similar for both.

Necrozma-Dusk Mane
One of Gen 8 and NatDex AG’s best Pokémon. It can take hits from Zacian-C, heal off with morning sun, and hit Zacian hard with a Sunsteel Strike or even an Earthquake (which is used more in Gen 8 AG). However, Zacian-C can break it. If Zacian-C uses swords dance on the switch and swords dance again, it can threaten to OHKO, and the OHKO is guaranteed if NDM has suffered minor chip. However, Zacian-C would have to suffer large damage from Sunsteel Strike/Earthquake, as well as the possibility of Rocky helmet damage, as well as the defense drops. This makes it vulnerable to revenge killing. Another way Zacian-C can break NDM is by use of assurance, which doubles in damage and is super effective if NDM switches in and steps on Rocks/Spikes. Followed that by a close combat and NDM goes down. Sometimes, although rarely, NDM runs Heavy-Duty Boots to counter Assurance.

A Pokémon usually used on stall due to Necrozma-Dusk being a better Pokémon in the meta, Quagsire is pretty much the only true Zacian-C counter. With unaware, it can shrug off close combats and play roughs, recover, and hit with Earthquake or try to burn with Scald. However, if the opponent has stacked a lot of hazards, Zacian-C can 2HKO on the switch, so Quagsire occasionally runs Heavy-Duty boots. Other times, it runs Leftovers for more healing or a Rocky Helmet to damage Zacian and other physical attackers more.

Well, these are the two best. Hope this helps!

(Also, I’d like to mention Ditto. It cannot switch in to Zacian, so it’s not a counter, but if Zacian-C faints a Pokémon, it can be brought in. It gets a second Intrepid Sword boost, so it has 2+ attack, plus a Scarf boost. It’s even stronger if the opposing Zacian has used swords dance before. Close Combat from it can break NDM, so you’re almost guaranteed to take out atleast one Pokémon. Ditto-Zacian’s only 100% reliable switchin is Quagsire until it choice locks itself on to a move.)

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E: The question asked for counters and Ditto can't counter it.
I know, I just thought it would be good to mention as it can deal with Zacian-C.
DoN'T fOrGeT sAsH MaRsHaDoW StEaLs BoOsTS aN AlSo CoUnTeRs XeRn ANd CAlYrEX-s
oH oF coUrSe!!!! So oP!!!
Sash Marsh can't counter Xern, and it can't counter Sash Rex...
It checks them, though.
But Sash Marsh = bad Marsh.
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Ho-oh can switch into Zac-C without any fear of taking any real damage from behemoth blade, sacred sword, play rough or fire fang. With sacred fire it can then OHKO or 2HKO Zac-C. Even if Zacian does somehow survive, rocky helmet can chip away at it or leftovers can heal Ho-oh. A better item, however, would be heavy duty boots for stealth rock. With toxic, thunder wave, and/or defog, Ho-oh can be used for utility and with recover and regenerator it can stall brilliantly. Ho-oh is, of course, threatened by any rock type but the only real rock type threats are Landorus and the occasional sand team, which won't normally come with a Zacian.
Ho-oh causes Zac-C a lot of trouble and can pretty much stall forever so I would definitely advise it.

Hope I Helped!

Ho-Oh gets OHKOed by Wild Charge after any of its moves. And Landorus isn't even a rock-type and no one uses Sand in AG lmao
rolling on the floor laughing

sorry if this felt harsh but ;;;
No one uses fire fang on ZC.
With Landorus I meant that it often has stone edge
fire is neutral to zacian so ho-oh bad option
The question is asking about Zacian-Crowned, which is hit super-effectively by Sacred Fire.