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Example, Dragon Rage, which always does 40 HP damage to opposing Pokémon.


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Dragon Rage (40 HP), Sonic Boom (20 HP), Seismic Toss (deals the same HP damage as the user's level), and Night Shade (same as Seismic Toss), OHKO moves (all of the targets health), Super Fang (half of the targets health), Natures Madness (same as Super Fang), Guardian Of Alola (3/4 of the targets health).

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Should OHKO moves technically do set damage to because they are programmed to have like 1000+ power and guarantees to knock them out? Its not really a set amount, but is technically set deplete all the opponents hp
Hm, good point.
Shouldn't Natures madness be on there cause it cuts the opposing Pokemons hp in half ?
true. as well as super fang
Perfect =)
This answer is missing some moves, like bide.
Bide does twice the damage inflicted on it, it doesn't always do the SAME like 20 HP or half the opponents health.
Half the opponent's health is also not always the same.
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Fissure (move)
Guillotine (move)
Horn Drill (move)
Sheer Cold (move)
Bide (move)
Counter (move)
Dragon Rage (move)
Endeavor (move)
Final Gambit (move)
Guardian of Alola (move)
Metal Burst (move)
Mirror Coat (move)
Nature's Madness (move)
Night Shade (move)
Psywave (move)
Seismic Toss (move)
Sonic Boom (move)
Super Fang (move)