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So I'm trying to get a Passimian or Alolan Muk with Tough Claws. Mega Metagross would be the first mon I send out, and then after it cleaves a hole in the team, Muk or Passimian could cause some more destruction as well with Tough Claws. However, I'm not sure if it will copy Clear Body or Tough Claws. I also don't know if it will copy Insomnia from Worry Seed, Simple from Simple Beam, or an ability changed due to Entrainment.

Does this show as BAed for anyone else?
it's a weird glitch lol. J posted an answer then hid it right when (or before) i selected it as BA
I just hid it because I wanted to be sure.  Whoops.

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Yes, it does.
Source: Just tested it On Showdown!

Thank you! Shame it doesn't work in singles though
No problem!