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I want to use it in doubles !

Reciever is the same ability on a better pokemon. In gen 8, you can do a fun Misty Explosion Gimmick with Azumarill.


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A good power of alchemy strategy would be to have whimsicott (with prankster) and muk In a double battle. Whimsicott uses memento, giving muk prankster. Then, you can go first using minimize, and any other status move. And with minimize, you can set up a lot. Mabye bring in a Pokémon that covers his weakness (ground).
Another good strategy could be Muk with an azurill(with huge power). First turn, it is quite likely that they will knock out the azurill, so Muk can just set up curse or minimize or attack or something. When Muk gets huge power, it has a MASSIVE attack stat. Bring in a ghost type Pokémon so you can explode using explosion whenever you feel like taking out their Pokémon.
Another good strategy would be to have its teammate be a swoobat with simple. First turn, it might be a good idea to try and knock out the swoobat with a dark move, or if you are confident that it will be killed, just use minimize or curse or attack or something. When muk gets simple, it can use curse, acid armor, or minimize and get twice the boost. That makes it so that it can sweep easily and evade attacks really well with minimize boost

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U can also sweep with simple swoobat then minimize or acid armor on alolan muk
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This is a fun strategy I have seen. Note that it is Reciever. So you send out a Pokémon with Serene Grace, preferably Jirachi. In this case, Jirachi uses Healing Wish and Passimian copies the ability. You also get an added bonus of a healed teammate as well. Note that other Serene Grace users will do fine. Now onto the strategy. Passimian also knows Rock Slide. See where I am getting at? Passimian with Serene Grace and Rock Slide has a 60% chance to flinch each opponent, not counting its miss chance. Paired with a Choice Scarf, and max Attack and Speed, Passimian can just make your opponent rage-quit if you get this off. To make this better, you can get a Thunder Wave user like Ferrothorn, but others will do. You can also partner it with another Serene Grace user like Togekiss. While this is far from Foolproof, it's really funny.
Other ideas: You can send out a Pokémon with Justified and give Passimian a Choice Scarf and start sweeping with Rock Slide. This requires a Beat Up user like Whismicott or Ambipom. You could also transfer Sheer Force and Spam moves like Brick Break.
These are some strategies I have found. Use the first one if You want some fun. For Power of Alchemy you could use a Regenerator Pokémon to make Muk a better Wall. You could also do Sheer Force to make Muk a bulky attacker. You could also do Huge Power. With base 210 Attack, Muk is a bulky Sweeper. Unfortunately, Muk has no attack raising moves except for Power-Up Punch. Another Idea would be to bring in a Speed Boost Torchic. Stall with Protect a couple of turns and then you can outspeed everything. These are some strategies I can think of.
Edit: Remember Tinted Lens. Now Pair that up with a move like Crunch or Poison Jab, or Even Fire Punch. Now add a Choice Band and just relax and Sweep. Unfortunately Speed is a factor here so maybe add Trick Room. Unfortunately, this isn't as viable in Double Battles, but it still helps.
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Just wanting to add,u can try a triage drain punch with choice band with passimian