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the website database says oranguru cannot evove in ultra moon but yet the pokedex regesters passimian as its evolution form. why is that?

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Oranguru really can't evolve. I don't know why your Pokedex is acting weird.
sUMWUN, they are in the same PokéDex page because they are counterparts.

Also isn’t this supposed to be on META?
The ingame Pokédex in Gen 7 lists evolution lines and counterparts together. Oranguru and Passimian are the latter; neither of them evolve into or from the other, but they’re thematically similar enough to be listed like that. The Tapus are the same way.
I think this should be on Meta, but it looks like Fizz has already seen it and is okay with it here.
KRLW is it weird that we posted at the same time lol

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Oranguru is a counterpart to Passimian. They are on the same PokéDex page, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean they are in an Evolution family.

A counterpart is a version-exclusive Pokémon that share similar features to eachother. For example Passimian and Oranguru are both Primates/apes/monkeys.

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as far as I know if a Pokemon have a counterpart (like tauros) the counterpart Pokemon will be on the same pokedex screen and oranguru and passimian are counterparts