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I forgot to take a picture of the dlc code with my swsh receipt and it isn’t showing in my email like it said :/

It was probably barried. ;-;
Do you have multiple emails like me and you maybe sent it to the wrong one?
Go to your email and search this: [Pokémon swsh Expansion Pass] — Here's your code!

Change "swsh" to whichever version you got (capitalize the first letter). If you can't find it, look in the spam/trash folder (hopefully it wasn't deleted). If you still can't find it, see what email is registered to the Nintendo account you purchased the DLC with so you know you're looking in the right inbox. If you can't find it still, then idk, contact Nintendo/The Pokémon Company.
Oh it was in my other email haha

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You should have gotten an email when you pre purchased the dlc pass. If you did not, then it is impossible for you to get the dlc outfits

I did get a email
What did it say?