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Zeraora @ Life Orb
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Plasma Fists
- Play rough/Blaze Kick/Fake Out
- Knock off
So whenever I make a zeraora set, I'm always questioning what other moves to have. Plasma Fists and Close Combat as just strong moves, and knock off is nice. But what for the last move? Fake out is nice, but doesn't seem to help much. Play rough is great but I never seem to use it. Same for blaze kick. I also considered using something like bulk up, but I go through how the moves help and I decide against it. Play rough destroys hydregon, blaze kick kills rillaboom, amounguss, and ferrothorn. Fake out seems to not be in my moveset whenever I need some priority. So what should be that last move?

There's also outrage that i considered, but that's not the best

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Blaze Kick
Fire type is an extremely good offensive type. Steel types are abundantly common in OU (I'm assuming this is OU) because of their high amount of potential. Grass type usage is also common. Blaze Kick may not be great for Ferrothorn because of Iron Barbs, but it will definitely do a sizable chunk to them if you manage to get one off.

Why not the others?
As you've mentioned, Hydreigon is also a common opponent. However, you have Close Combat for Dark types. I personally believe Fake Out is more or less a waste of a move slot, because it can only be used on the first turn. It does have it's uses though; such as breaking Focus Sashes or just getting that extra bit of damage crucial to the OHKO.

Overall, it just depends on what your team needs. If your team has less Fire coverage, then use Blaze Kick. If you have no Fairy types, then use Play Rough. Try to complement the rest of your team.

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Okay thanks. It's just cause whenever I use zeraora it just fails so badly lol
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Play Rough
Play Rough could help you avoid strong dragon, fighting, dark types that your other moves can't defeat. And Fairy type was also a good offensive type.
The point that I don't suggest blaze kick was because the useless coverage, which could only be good against bug, grass, steel and ice type, but Close combat could get rid of Ice and Steel type easily and the other two types wasn't too common in the OU tier besides Rillaboom (Which it could 3 HKO with close combat.)
So the best move was Play Rough in my opinion. but other moves works as well as it too.

Hope it helps!