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I got onecin a trade she was lv 50 but didn’t have Relic Song. I went to the move reminder but it’s not in the list of forgotten movrs. I went to Hau’Oil mall and no obe there helped maybe I missed someone .


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According to Bulbapedia, a guy in the Hano resort teaches Meloetta Relic Song
"By Move Tutor
Various Move Tutors will teach Relic Song to a Meloetta. According to interface text during the scene in Generation V, Meloetta once knew Relic Song and had forgotten it. The Move Tutors are:

BWB2W2: a Musician in Café Sonata in Castelia City.
XY: an Ace Trainer in Snowbelle City.
ORAS: a man in Crooner's Café in Mauville City.
SMUSUM: a Gentleman in Hano Grand Resort."


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In Hano Grand Resort's hotel, you'll be able to find this gentleman who will teach the special moves Secret Sword and Relic Song to your Keldeo & Meloetta respectively. These moves are necessary for Keldeo to become Resolute Form and Meloetta to turn into its Pirouette Forme in battle.

Simply check the location of this man in my source.

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