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I want a physical attacking water type, and the two easiest to get are Barraskewda and Basculin for me. This is for Shield in game.

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probably barraskewda(think that's what you meant). In game is just hyper offense (unless your doing a nuzlocke) and barraskewda has much higher attack.

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Absolutely Barraskewda. It's got a gigantic movepool, which includes, but is not limited to: Liquidation, Crunch, Close Combat, Aqua Jet, Poison Jab, Drill Run, Ice Fang, Psychic Fangs, and Throat Chop. It has many more coverage options than Basculin, and is faster and more powerful as well. While Barraskewda is essentially the epitome of a glass cannon, its Attack and Speed are so gargantuan, it won't be fainting often.

Here's a moveset I recommend:
Barraskewda @ anything
Ability: Swift Swim
-Crunch / Close Combat
-Poison Jab
-Drill Run

This covers Kabu, Allister, Opal/Bede, Raihan's Ground types, part of Marnie's team, part of Hop's team, part of Leon's team, and part of Shielbert's team super effectively. If you choose Close Combat over Crunch, you no longer hit Allister super effectively, but you do take out Melony super effectively instead. It also deals well with random trainers, and can hit near anything for massive neutral damage. Basculin can't even compare.

Hope I helped!

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You're welcome!
Crunch over Close Combat?
I was wary of the defenses drop, but now I think about it, Close Combat could be a better option.
Ouch.  Epically sniped.
The defense drop doesnt matter at all, it gets OHKOed by everything anyway.
Yep, edited.
It can still take out Allister's Gengar with ease, just saying.
Yes, that's true. It could honestly take out the rest of his team quite easily, I was just going off super effectiveness. With this set, only his Cursola is not hit super effectively.
And I was too, lol.
I was only going off his Ghost typings, if that makes sense. I neglected to take into account the secondary types of his Pokemon.
Ohhhhh ok.

Also this set can't hit Mimikyu super effectively :P
I keep forgetting Ghost resists Poison. Please excuse my slight stupidity today, lol.
I did that once, used Poison Jab with Barraskewda onto a Dragapult 'cause I thought it would do more than Liquidation :P
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Easily Barraskewda.
It's got 123 base attack, and 136 speed unlike Basculin's 92 and 98. While Basculin has better abilities, Barraskewda can brute force its way through battles. Also, Barraskewda can learn useful moves through TR like Poison Jab and Close Combat, while Basculin has a limited movepool.

Hope this helped!

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Barraskewda all the way.

In game, you want to (usually) be as fast and strong as possible. Barraskewda has blistering 136 base Speed and incredible 123 base Attack.

Basculin is OK, but it pales in comparison to Barraskewda, with 92 base Attack and 98 base Speed.

Barraskewda also gets better moves in my opinion, such as Poison Jab, Close Combat, and Drill Run.

However, Basculin Blue Stripe gets Rock Head and Head Smash, an amazing pairing, though it's inaccurate.

Hope this helps! :)

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Since Brute Force is the best way to get through in-game, I would choose Barraskewda. Barraskewda has 123 Attack and 136 Speed compared to Basculin's 92 Attack and 98 Speed respectively. However, Basculin does have better abilities in-game. These being Reckless, Rock Head and Adaptability. However, Basculin can't use the first 2 until Level 56, so I believe Adaptability is better. Basculin has a very shallow movepool compared to Barraskewda, but it is decent. Basculin has access to Crunch, Liquidation, Psychic Fangs, Head Smash among others, but I believe Barraskewda is still better. With access to Liquidation, Close Combat, Drill Run, and Crunch among others, it can help with many opponents. Because of this, I believe Barraskewda is better.