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I don't just mean the ones that restore HP I also mean the ones that raise stats or power moves.

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I'm not sure what do you mean. However, I posted one.

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Motor Drive: raises speed when hit with an electric attack(and has immunity to them)
Sap Sipper: Raises attack when hit by a grass move(and has immunity to them)
Flash Fire: Raises the power of fire attacks when hit by a fire move (and has immunity to them)
Storm Drain: draws in all water attacks, and raises special attack when hit by one (and has immunity to them)
Lightning Rod: draws in all electric attacks, and raises special attack when hit by one (and has an immunity to them)
Volt Absorb: immune to electric and heals 1/4th HP when hit by an electric attack
Water Absorb: immune to water and heals 1/4th HP when hit by a water attack


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Stat-modifying abilities

  1. Anger Point
  2. Beast Boost
  3. Berserk
  4. Competitive
  5. Dauntless Shield
  6. Defiant
  7. Download
  8. Intrepid Sword
  9. Justified
  10. Lightning Rod
  11. Moody
  12. Motor Drive
  13. Moxie
  14. Rattled
  15. Sap Sipper
  16. Soul-Heart
  17. Speed Boost
  18. Stamina
  19. Steadfast
  20. Steam Engine
  21. Storm Drain
  22. Water Compaction
  23. Weak Armor

HP modifying abilities

  1. Cheek Pouch
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Ice Body
  4. Poison Heal
  5. Rain Dish
  6. Regenerator
  7. Volt Absorb
  8. Water Absorb

Power modifying abilities

  1. Adaptability
  2. Aerilate
  3. Analytic
  4. Battery
  5. Battle Bond
  6. Flare Boost
  7. Galvanize
  8. Gorilla Tactics
  9. Iron Fist
  10. Mega Launcher
  11. Normalize
  12. Pixilate
  13. Power Spot
  14. Punk Rock
  15. Reckless
  16. Refrigerat
  17. Rivalry
  18. Sand Force
  19. Sheer Force
  20. Stakeout
  21. Steelworker
  22. Steely Spirit
  23. Strong Jaw
  24. Technician
  25. Tough Claws
  26. Toxic Boost
  27. Water Bubble

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Absorb- take in or soak up.  If you actually read the title of the question, you would see that they are only asking about Abilities that Absorb moves like Sap Sipper, Motor Drive, etc.  Tell me how Tough Claws absorbs a move.
Sorry, I'm not interested in making a debate based on this. Let the person who asked this question to pick the best answer. I don't have any problem.
Agreed.  Sorry about it though.
@PrimalKyogre it says "raise stats" OR "power moves"
Yeah. He meant “power moves” like how flash fire powers up fire attacks