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I was in an online Max Raid battle and my Pokemon fainted, so my only option was to cheer on the other people. But when I cheered, intsead of boosting the attacks, the game simply said: "The cheer echoed feebly around the arena..." What does this mean and why did it happen? This is in Shield.

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I think it happens when your team isn't doing well but I'm not positive
what defines "isn't doing well"?
When you don't have many turns left and the Dynamax Pokemon is only at it's second shield or something. Or when you have 3 faints
it was the third turn and I had the only pokemon that fainted.
It happens to me quite often so I think the cheer just doesn't power up or heal the pokemon like it usually does.

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The Cheering when your Pokémon faints results in one of these options. The result of the cheering is totally random. The additional affects of cheering are as follow:
Sets up Reflect
Sets up Light Screen
Removed the Dynamaxed Pokémon's Shield
Raises a stat of your allies
Removed Status Conditions
Fully Restores Allies HP
Does Nothing
There is no correlation currently known between how the Max Raid Battle is going and which effect cheering has. It is a random event of which effect the cheering will cause. There is no event which causes it to happen.
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