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I'm trying to grow my Pokemon card collection this christmas, and since christmas is not far away, i'd like to know, "what is the biggest elite trainer box currently avaliable?"


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Well, they are mostly all the same size.
Most Elite Trainer boxes include 8 packs, some dice, sleeves, and energy cards. But, there is a few that include 10 packs and a special card. The expansions that have this are the following:
Champion’s Path (unreleased I believe, and will be SUPER expensive)
Hidden Fates(SUPER expensive)
Shining Legends
Dragon Majesty
There you have it. Champion’s path, Hidden Fates, Shining Legends, and Dragon Majesty. Champion’s path has a Charizard V included, and the cards in the expansion are mostly Pokémon that are owned by Galar’s gym leaders. Hidden Fates includes a Tag Team Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres GX, and there is lots of shiny Pokémon in the expansion. Shining Legends has a Shiny Ho-Oh card included, and the cards in the expansion are mostly shinies, legendaries, and Mythicals. Dragon Majesty includes a Naganedal GX, and the cards in the expansion are mostly Dragon Types.

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Thank You! I already have the hidden fates box but I think i'll go for dragon majesty.
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