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Question says it all

Height or weight?
Height. Sorry accidentally put size
There is G-Max Centiskorch but D/G-Max shouldn't count imo
I’m not counting D/GMAX

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Wailmer ---> Wailord

On Bulbapedia, Wailord is listed as 47 ft, 7 in (14.5 m), and Wailmer is listed as 6 ft 7 in, for a total difference of 41 feet or about 12.5 meters. No other Pokemon with a pre-evolution is greater than 41 feet, so the Wailmer line has the biggest height difference.
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Ok. Thanks!
Meters are superior to inches.
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Because Gallade16 didn't answer largest Form Change, I'll do that.

When Hoopa transforms into Hoopa Unbound, it gains 19'8". Hoopa is usually 1'8", but is 21'4" while Unbound.

An honorable mention is Kyogre. With the help of a Blue Orb, Kyogre gains 17'5" when it reverts to Primal Kyogre. It's original height is 14'09", and it's Primal height is 32'02".

I can't tell whether the thanks is for adding extra points or making primal kyogre an honourable mention lol
Well its the Pokemon that has the largest increase in size besides Hoopa Unbound, coincidentally. (Did you know Primal Groudon is half Primal Kyogre's size? It's only 16 feet tall)