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What is the Best Pokemon typing to take down each Gigantamax Pokemon? I have tried 4 times to beat a gmax gengar and failed, it would help to know the best type combination to defeat all gmax Pokemon.

Is this for in-game raid battles, or are you playing competitive games? If the latter, what format are you playing?

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Whew... this is not gonna be fun to research. Thanks OP.

As we all know, the best counter for a Gigantamax Pokémon is a Dynamax Pokémon with a superior typing. Let me just run through all of them.

NOTE: Giving proper explanation apparently exceeds the 12000 character limit which I often do. So, enjoy the mild and simplified explanation I give.

G-Max Butterfree

Typing: Bug/Flying
Counter: Coalossal
> A physical attacking bulky set resists both of Butterfree's STAB and lets you strike back.

G-Max Machamp

Typing: Fighting
Counter: Togekiss
> Sumwun will be disappointed, but Togekiss resists G-Max Chi Strike like it was a poke and can hit back hard with Max Airstream and Max Starfall.

G-Max Gengar

Typing: Ghost/Poison
Counter: Obstagoon
> Its dual typing is an excellent defensive type against G-Max Gengar and Max Darkness is a nice way to do damage and help your teammates hit harder.

G-Max Kingler

Typing: Water
Counter: Maractus/Roserade
> Maractus is a surprising choice, but Water Absorb and Max Overgrowth together make it almost invincible against Kingler. Roserade is another option that is vulnerable to Foam Burst but it works.

G-Max Lapras

Typing: Water/Ice
Counter: Aegislash
> Aegislash's powerful STAB and offensive stats help it break through Lapras's fairly good defenses.

G-Max Snorlax

Typing: Normal
Counter: Aegislash/Hawlucha
> Aegislash with Max Knuckle (base Sacred Sword) hits Snorlax very hard while Hawlucha hits just as hard with Max Knuckle (base High Jump Kick) while avoiding Max Quake.

G-Max Garbodor

Typing: Poison
Counter: Excadrill
> Excadrill isn't poisoned by G-Max Malodor, outspeeds and can hit very hard with Max Quake.

G-Max Corviknight

Typing: Steel/Flying
Counter: Chandelure
> Chandelure's 145 Special Attack helps it outspeed and obliterate Corviknight fairly easily with Max Flare.

G-Max Orbeetle

Typing: Bug/Psychic
Counter: Aegislash
> Aegislash has an excellent defensive typing against Orbeetle and can hit it extremely hard with Max Phantasm.

G-Max Drednaw

Typing: Water/Rock
Counter: Roserade
> Roserade outspeeds Drednaw and Maractus doesn't which is why Maractus is currently ruled out. One Max Overgrowth is usually enough to kill it.

G-Max Coalossal

Typing: Rock/Fire
Counter: Inteleon
> A counter for Coalossal is Water-type, has a powerful special Water STAB move, and outspeeds Coalossal despite the effects of Steam Engine. Inteleon fulfills all three perfectly.

G-Max Flapple/Appletun

Typing: Grass/Dragon
Counter: Rotom-Frost
> Rotom-Frost comes late, but you asked for the best counter so here it is. 105 Special Attack with Max Hailstorm against a x4 weakness is especially destructive.

G-Max Sandaconda

Typing: Ground
Counter: Rotom-Frost
> See Flapple/Appletun's description. You're immune to G-Max Sandblast due to Levitate so don't worry.

G-Max Centiskorch

Typing: Fire/Bug
Counter: Barraskewda
> Centiskorch's pitiful 60 Defense gets absolutely obliterated by a physical Max Geyser from Barraskewda.

G-Max Hatterene

Typing: Psychic/Fairy
Counter: Aegislash
> G-Max Smite's confusion ailment is more threatening than the actual damage in this case, plus STAB Max Steelspike hits very hard.

G-Max Grimmsnarl

Typing: Dark/Fairy
Counter: Lucario/Excadrill
> Aegislash will not work due to G-Max Snooze almost always OHKO'ing it. Lucario hits physical Max Steelspike extremely hard but Excadrill hits harder and doesn't resist G-Max Snooze.

G-Max Alcremie

Typing: Fairy
Counter: Aegislash
> Alcremie is usually a 2HKO with Max Steelspike, which happens to be the reason I use Aegislash for so many of these battles.

G-Max Copperajah

Typing: Steel
Counter: Chandelure
> Copperajah's defenses stinks and Chandelure has 145 Special Attack. It's obvious why we're using this.

G-Max Duraludon

Typing: Steel/Dragon
Counter: Lucario
> Duraludon has a pitiful 70 HP and 50 Special Defense. One Max Knuckle (base move Aura Sphere/Focus Blast) and essentially Duraludon is dead by Lucario's hands.

There you go OP. There you have all the answers for all 19 possible Gigantamax Pokémon (20 if you count Flapple and Appletun as different) and what Pokémon counter them. I hope you have a nice day.

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Why Sacred Sword and not Close Combat?
Thanks, and sorry for the tedious research.
@ ~MegaCharizardY~ they both have the same base power when maxed anyway, but sacred sword has more pp i guess
I mean when it's in base form.
I did put Sacred Sword as the base move for Max Knuckle, but in base form Close Combat is generally better. While I do indeed prefer Sacred Sword due to more PP, Close Combat is also acceptable and it's ultimately up to preference
Duuuuuude Aegislash is amazing!