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For example, your Gardevoir uses Mean Look on your opponents Pelliper.
However, Gardevoir faints from Pellipers Scald.
Does the Mean Look still prevent the Pelliper from switching out even though Gardevoir already fainted?
And the ability Arena Trap doesn’t work on Flying Types.
So can Mean Look work on Flying Types?
And will U Turn work if you’re trapped by Mean Look? Or will it fail?
Pls help with these 3 questions.


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No, the effects of Mean Look end once the Target faints, or when the user leaves the field in some way, including fainting (Mean Look will fail if the Target is a Ghost Type from Gen. 6 On though). The target Pokémon can switch out via moves like U-Turn, Volt Switch, etc., But the Pokémon that switches in will be affected by Mean Look only if the Target switched using Baton Pass.
Source: https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/moves/mean-look/

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  1. Does Mean Look still prevent Pelipper from switching out?
    No, it will not. As the other answer said, if the user of Mean Look leaves the battlefield in any way, no Pokemon are trapped by it anymore.

  2. Does Mean Look work on Flying types?
    Yes, it should still work on Flying types. Mean Look works on any Pokemon, except Ghost-types (Gen 6 onward), those with the ability Run Away, or those holding a Shed Shell.

  3. Can a Pokémon use U-Turn and switch out?
    Yes. All the pivoting moves (U-Turn, Volt Switch, Flip Turn) allow Pokemon affected by Mean Look to switch out.

Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mean_Look_(move)