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Call it morbid curiosity or whatever. What exactly does blanket check mean and how is it different from a regular check?

You'll probably get a better answer if you ask on Smogon.

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To put it simply, a Blanket Check is a Pokémon that checks multiple threats and trends in a tier. For example, Chansey is a solid example of a Blanket Check because it solidly Checks/Counters many Special Attackers such as Dragapult and others (Even though it is in UU). And just like I stated above, the difference is a matter of 1 Pokémon vs. Multiple. Also, to be clear, Blanket Checks are designed to be able to check multiple threats like I explained with Chansey, not like just being able to check a couple of Pokémon.
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Chansey is UU tho
But it still checks almost all Special Attackers in OU, which is why I mentioned it, but I should probably add that.