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I like Zoroark, because if I put a focus sash on it, I can fool my opponents and get a few Nasty Plots off.
But is it good enough to use in competitive?

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Zoroark is a very unique Pokemon; its signature ability, Illusion, allows it to masquerade as the last Pokemon in the player's party. Although Team Preview theoretically hurts this strategy, it does not say when or even if Zoroark will be used in the battle. Zoroark is also very powerful in terms of offense, wielding a base 105 Attack and a base 120 Special Attack. In addition, Zoroark learns both Swords Dance and Nasty Plot, allowing it to boost either of its offensive stats. With 105 base Speed, it outspeeds positive natured base 100s, while also forcing a Speed tie with Mienshao and Mismagius. However, Zoroark's biggest downfall is its very poor bulk; it can barely switch in on neutral hits, and has trouble facing down priority moves such as Aqua Jet and Mach Punch. As such, Zoroark is a difficult Pokemon to use effectively. Although it may be viewed as a gimmicky Pokemon, it is very deadly when used properly.

According to Smogon this is what is say. Smogon doesn't recommend any Focus Sash as you say, however. The latest available usage stats for Gen 5 Ubers is 06/2020 kinda old, although from that we can say that Sand Stream user Tyranitar is not uncommon, with a usage of about 8%. So although Illusion can save you one turn from getting doomed by Tyranitar, you can't hit it that hard. Especially with the moveset given above, even a +2 move can't OHKO Tyranitar. For Nasty Plot user, Darkrai is far better than it, since it doesn't dies to a U-Turn like Zoroark. If you still want a no-legendary team, then there's a moveset for you:
Zoroark @ Life Orb
Ability: Illusion
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Nasty Plot
- Dark Pulse
- Focus Blast
- Flamethrower

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