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My Eevee is level 17, and she has Bite, Double Kick, Headbutt, and Quick Attack. I just reached Cerulean City, so I finally have access to Sizzly Slide, Bouncy Bubble, and Buzzy Buzz. Which of the four moves would be the most useful to keep? I'm mostly focused on Headbutt and Quick Attack because of very strong STAB and priority, respectively.


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I'd reccomend keeping Bite on your Eevee for the long run, due to the coverage for Sabrina's Gym and the tower in Lavender Town.

Like you said, Headbutt is good STAB and Quick Attack has lots of PP plus priority.

So this leaves Double Kick. Early on, it's extremely useful, but as you progress it gets less useful, as normal types don't appear as often. I'd reccomend replacing Double Kick with one of the partner move tutors's moves. If I had to reccomend one move for you, I'd reccomend Bouncy Bubble, as it's a solid water type move that also heals you. There's lots of rock/ground type trainers in the game, and caves coming up, so it'll also help with some type coverage there.

I hope this helped!

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Shouldn't I use Buzzy Buzz for Misty? Sorry just saying lol.
Yes! You could use Buzzy Buzz for Misty, and rotate the move as needed. My recommendation is keeping Headbutt, Bite, Quick Attack, and switching the last move as needed :3
Ok, I think I will, thank you! Btw I think Baddy Bad comes before Sabrina :3
Welp I misclicked and replaced Bite RIP
Rip, i hope you get Baddy Bad soon then lol
*stares at Charmander*

You're taking on the ghost tower buddy.

*Charmander gulps*