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I was just gonna go into my Pokémon HOME, to organize my Pokémon. I get in, push “A” and wait for it to load. Next thing I know, it says “Error code: 2-ALZTA-0005- An error has occurred. Returning to the title screen... error code 9101.” What is happening? I don’t have any illegal Pokémon in there, I don’t have any hacked Pokémon. I just wanna get in! What’s going on? Has it happening to anyone else? And yes, there are 2 error codes in this screen.

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This is an error message that generally pops up when some another device using Pokémon Home.
If you're sure that nobody other than you logged in, this maybe a program error.

You can try,

  • Log - in again
  • Re- add your account
  • try this method,

    This is a fix- what you do is create another user, go into Pokemon home on that user, click on view another user's save data, click on the one you are having problems with, and then click on what game you want. Immeadiatly after press + and save changes and exit, and then go back in and it should work. I had this glitch and this worked for me.

Thank you!
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Ah I get it! I just realized that my iPad had my Pokémon HOME Running all along! Thank you so much! All my Pokémon are saved because of you :D
It's my pleasure! Glad I could help!