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I have my starter Cinderence without a held item. I gave his charcoal to a different Pokémon so I’m not giving it that. I want to get it an item, so what should I give it? Here are his stats:

Lv100 Cinderence @no held item
Ability: Libero
- Revenge
- Flame charge
- Pyro Ball
- Fire Pledge

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Oh thanks I am horrible at spelling lol
Please edit your question. You misspelled Cinderace.
Ability Patch Cinderace when the Crown Tundra comes out.

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Ok, let's start with its moveset. It has 3 Fire Type moves which is not recommended. Fire Pledge may be a good move on other Fire Type Pokemon, but not Cinderace. With 65 Sp. A, Fire Pledge will barely do anything. Using Physical moves with a 116 attack is a lot better. I will put a moveset and recommended items for Cinderace down below. Now, in-game, Cinderace is a great Pokemon to use and in-game, and this moveset is recommended:

      Cinderace @Life Orb (To maximize its potential to OHKO)
      Ability: Libero/Blaze (If you have Libero, then Libero. Don't have Libero, then Blaze)
      Pyro Ball (Its devastatingly powerful Signature move)
      Revenge/Low Sweep/Low Kick (Description under moveset)
      U-turn/Blaze Kick (Description under moveset)
      Iron Head (To deal with its weakness to Rock, good power)

So Revenge is not the best choice because Cinderace has a great 119 Speed but Revenge is -4 priority, making it likely to move last. However, it may double power if your opponent attacks you. Low Sweep is for the Rock Gym, which Gordie has many heavy Pokemon, thus making Low Sweep powerful. Low Kick is to lower the speed of fast threats and has decent power. U-turn is for pivoting, while Blaze Kick is for when you run out of Pyro Balls.

Now, lets move on to competitively. Cinderace is also a good Pokemon in competitive, being put in the Ubers tier after the release of its Hidden Ability, Libero. A good item to use is Life Orb, raising its attack. However, Life Orb takes away 10% of your health every turn, which is not good. Another good choice competitively is Heavy-Duty Boots. It prevents it from getting poisoned from Toxic Spikes and taking damage from Stealth Rocks and Spikes. Here is the competitive moveset:

      Cinderace @Heavy Duty Boots/Life Orb/Choice Band
      Ability: Libero/Blaze
      Pyro Ball (STAB fire move)
      High Jump Kick (Powerful fighting coverage)
      Iron Head (Good Rock coverage)
      U-turn/Court change (U-turn for pivoting, Court Change to get set up like Reflect and Spikes working to your advantage.)

Hope I helped!

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"Fire Pledge is a good move on other Pokemon"

Flamethrower and Fire Blast outclass Fire Pledge by quite a bit, don't ever use Fire Pledge over those two.
Ok, but sometimes it is still good.
Unless you have a pledge doubles team, but that isn't that good competitively, only in-game against those random double battles really
Even then Flamethrower and Fire Blast are better, as most in-game battles take about a minute to complete. Using Pledge moves just wastes time.
Ok, but combined with the other Pledges, it's good
Yeah, outclassed
Thank you so much! I’m just getting into competitive battles, so I don’t know much lol. Thank you so much!
No problem! :)
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First, I am going answer this for both in-game and for the Battle Tower. However, we need to change your moveset a little. Cinderace should not have 3 Fire moves and a Special Move. It should be taking advantage of its great 116 Attack Stat. My proposed moveset it Pyro Ball, Zen Headbutt, Gunk Shot and Iron Head/U-Turn. Now, onto held item. I would go with a Life Orb or a Choice Band for Cinderace here. Life Orb/Choice Band for the Battle Tree, but just a Choice Band for just regular battles. Don't want to heal Cinderace every 5 seconds. Both of these items greatly boost its attacking capability to KO many opponents that it may lack otherwise which is why I choose them. For which item to choose, choose Life Orb for the freedom of selecting moves, or Choice Band for slightly more power overall with no HP lost. Also, these are arguably the best items for Cinderace in Competitive as well (Excluding Heavy Duty Boots due to the no usage of hazards in these places).
Hope this helps!

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*116 attack stat
Thanks! Makes sense!