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Hello. I have a Milotic in Pokemon Sword I really like, but I don't know what it's final move should be. What I have so far is:

[email protected] Orb
Trait: Marvel Scale
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Attack, -Attack)
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Attack, 4 Speed
Role: Special Tank


Scald: STAB, good chance to burn opponent.
Ice Beam: Covers Grass type, chance to freeze
Recover: To heal HP

Probably a status move like Toxic?
toxic doesn't exist in gen 8 as tm, only in showdown
What about Substitute?

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Toxic is the best option but unless you transfer Milotic from a previous generation, this won't be a thing so here are some alternatives

Haze. This is probably one of Milotic's best moves as resetting stat boosts never hurts. The problem with haze is that it is an egg move so unless you are willing to breed it, this probably isn't the best

Dragon tail. This is a good alternative to haze as it still gets rid of boosts but at the same time dealing minor chip damage. Of course this does come at the cost of not hitting fairy types

Coil. This is also another fantastic move. A great benefit of coil is that it patches up Milotic's pretty meh defense stat and makes it surprisingly bulky on the physical side when combined with marvel scale burn. If coil is chosen then you can also pretty much drop ice beam and replace it with blizzard since after an accuracy boost, it's over ninety percent accurate or something close. It also allows you to use hydro pump instead of scald and even though it doesn't burn, it's gonna hurt

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I'd say, have flip turn. It's a useful move to switch out when you're in trouble along with doing damage. Although its not as powerful as u-turn or volt switch its still good. you also get STAB on it. But if you can transfer it to you gen 7 games in some way, I'll then say toxic is the better option then.

Hope I Helped!

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Sounds like a good moveset! The last possible moves that could work with this set is either; Mud Shot for coverage against Electric, and a possible boost in speeds. Coil for added Defense and Accuracy (if it comes to the lost in accuracy)

Toxic would also work if it's suppose to be a tank. It mostly depends on the situation, though most likely Toxic or Mud Shot with stalling.