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Particularly the pokemon-battle-revolution master class set four one with: moon-light, cosmic power, follow me, and another move i forget he has leftovers it is always double battle. Also Trachy's one with Calm-mind, reflect, soft-boiled and stored power he also has leftovers. Both of these I have had much trouble taking down and they weaken my team enough to beat me. help please


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It's pretty simple, yet effective - just Taunt the Clefable!
Once it's Taunted, it can only use Stored power, and it won't be as effective!

I found that Whimiscott is awesome for the job, and paired with Taunt, Leech Seed, Toxic and Cotton Guard, there's no Physical sweeper who will overcome it!

Leech Seed and Toxic can't harm Clefable.
obviously its not just for clefable
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