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Would I be able to trade a Pokemon from one switch account to another using Home(even if they have a different switch account) and would I be able to get version exclusives trading with home?


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Yes, that’s one of the points of Pokémon home. When your at the main menu, push “Deposit Pokemon” and then, at the top, push the user you want. Next, deposit the Pokémon you want that’s in your home boxes. (Remember, you can put in the Pokémon for the other account via connecting to that game first.) put that Pokémon in their box, and save, et vollia. If you mean to transfer to a different game, that even easier. Let’s say, you want to have your galarian ponta from your shield save into your sword save, Put ponta into the home box, save, then connect to the account which needs ponta. Connect to that, and put ponyta in. Sorry if this seems confusing, I can break it down if you’d like.

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