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So some Pokedex entries I noticed are not exactly true. For example, the Pokedex entry for Latios says it can beat a plane in flight. Ok. Now if I look at Purugly's stats, it has higher speed than Latios! How can a cat run faster than a plane? Also, what does Game Freak say? If you put "Game Freak logic", that's not saying much, right?

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That same cat can put other Pokemon to sleep and summon lightning, so I wouldn't be surprised if it could also outrun a plane.

Another cat can set things on fire
Do you mean it can learn an electric type move?
Another cat can use Plasma Fists.
Purugly learns thunderbolt, thunder, and shock wave.
There’s a cat with extreme psychic powers as well as a fish that can splash.
Latios can outspeed a jet probably because it can accelerate like a jet. Purugly though probably cannot accelerate to those speeds.
No, this also includes other entries, I was just giving an example.

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The PokéDex is written by a kid.
This can be seen by this quote from Professor Oak: "To make a complete guide on all the Pokémon in the world… That was my dream! But, I'm too old! I can't do it! So, I want you two to fulfill my dream for me! Get moving, you two! This is a great undertaking in Pokémon history!"

It implies that Professor Oak didn't fill the PokéDex completely, but wants you to fill it. Usually the protagonist is around 10 years old, which is the reason why some of these PokéDexes are fake.

Say for example Banette's PokéDex: It's literally a ghost story some other person probably passed on. It's safe to say that most of these are fake. Though since Pokémon does have the Ghost type and is fantasy, so it could make sense. Which is why I want to show another example, which is about how PokéDexes are over exaggerations, like how Magcargo's body temperature can reach over 18,000 °F. Or they just don't have any proof at all, and are merely hypotheses.


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That explains it.
Thanks and SeeYaLater!
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GameFreak didn’t think about that.
Think about it. If you made a Pokémon and it’s dex entries, would you look back and make sure it’s perfectly logical? I’m sure GameFreak didn’t think about Latios when they made purugly.

I guess I wouldn't think about that too.
Thank you!
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The Pokedex is for lore
When they make entries they are not to show what the Pokemon will do in battle. An example of this is how we can't use araquanid's bubble to trap or hold Pokemon even though we are told in USUM that it can use it to drown Pokemon or carry them to saftey. The pokedex has no other use than lore. This is why some people for fun just go from their Dex 1 - 400 just for the fun of it. So yes a cat goes faster than jet dragon in game but in the anime and everything else it goes ZOOOM.