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For example, the Magneton in Cosmic Eclipse or the Type: Null in Crimson Invasion. Magneton can still evolve into Magnezone and Type: Null can still evolve into Silvally, and they're both holo rares, so I'm curious as to what other cards are like that.

What you mean by this "what not"?
Unevolved pokemon.
I’m pretty sure there are a LOT
ASS8666, I'm referring to Pokemon that have at least one stage of evolution left. Like the examples in my question: Magneton has evolved from Magnemite but can still evolve into Magnezone, and Type: Null can evolve into Silvally. I'm wondering how many Pokemon like that have been holo rares in the TCG.
Do you count pokemon who were a fully evolved pojemon in the generation i.e a magneton in gen 3
Yusf, yes, sorry I forgot to mention that.

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Listed below are every single Holo Rare in the TCG featuring Pokémon that were not fully evolved at the time of release. This includes only main expansions - no promotional cards, special sets or sub-sets. The vast majority of holofoil cards featuring pre-evolution Pokémon were not included in main expansion sets (this means that they aren't classified as Holo Rares), therefore not included in this list.

Base Set
- 5/102 Clefairy

- 6/62 Haunter

Base Set 2
- 6/130 Clefairy

Gym Heroes
- 2/132 Brock’s Rhydon
- 4/132 Erika’s Dragonair

Neo Genesis
- 12/111 Pichu

Neo Discovery
- 7/75 Magnemite

Legendary Collection
- Dark Slowbro 8/110

Expedition Base Set
- Magby 17/165
- Pichu 22/165

EX FireRed and LeafGreen
- Slowbro 14/112

Rocket Gang Strikes Back
- Treecko 011/084 (Gold Star)
- Torchic 020/084 (Gold Star)
- Mudkip 033/084 (Gold Star)

EX Unseen Forces
- Slowbro 13/115

HeartGold Collection
- Smoochum 037/030
- Cleffa 049/070

- Magneton 38/108
- Clefairy 63/108
- Chansey 70/108

Crimson Invasion
- Type: Null 89/111

Unbroken Bonds
- Slowbro 43/214

Hidden Fates
- Eevee 48/68

Cosmic Eclipse
- Magneton 69/236


I hope this answers your question.

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I don't believe I missed anything, manually looked through all 90 sets and it's pretty late where I live. I thought there'd be more but I guess I was just thinking about promos lol.
Thank you! :3