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Recently, I tried to get expanding force on my Tapu Lele - it said that it was incompatible.
Next, I tried Tapu Koko and it couldn't learn rising voltage.
Afterwards, I tried Tapu Bulu and it couldn't learn Grassy Glide.
I didn't do Tapu Fini because I don't have it, but I am pretty sure the result would be the same.

Does anyone know if this is true, that the Tapus won't get their respective move tutor moves? If so, I feel like lots of people will exhale in relief once they know that there won't be any Rising Voltage Kokos around...

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I’m happy bout the kokos but I’d love an expanding force lele
Me: time to make an OU team with Expanding Force Lele

Teambuilder: nope
the datamine was incorrect about those moves but they all got some mostly useless new additions to their movepools still
Tapu Koko - Assurance, Fairy Wind, Stored Power, Swift, Eerie Impulse, Endure, Rest
Tapu Lele - Play Rough, Psycho Cut, Future Sight, Stored Power, Charm, Endure, Guard Swap, Power Swap, Speed Swap, Rest
Tapu Bulu - Bullet Seed, Close Combat, Darkest Lariat, High Horsepower, Mega Punch, Revenge, Rock Smash, Mega Drain, Stored Power, Endure, Guard Swap, Power Swap, Rest
Tapu Fini - Dive, Play Rough, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Stored Power, Endure, Guard Swap, Rest
Stored Power could be used with CM Fini, though I feel like Bulu was the only one who got solid additions to its movepool.
i doubt stored power will be useful especially without the stab boost. CM draining kiss has potential though for sure

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Yes, all the Tapu's don't learn their respective moves or any moves from Move Tutors.
Source: Moveset pages on Bulbapedia.

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