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So the last 2 Gens we've had gender based cover legends. Lunala is more of a enligant, quiet girl but will battle if necessary. Solgaleo is like a rambunctious, loud boy, probably picking lots of fights. but on the other tail, Zacian and Zamazenta don't seem gendered. since I've never played the game, I'm lost on this.

Solgaleo and Lunala don't have genders.
It's not in the game for whatever reason. But the dex says, "It is said to be a [female/male] evolution of Cosmog"
Actually I think they do have genders but there is only one of each legendary Pokémon so they don’t know. The only Pokémon that actually wouldn’t have a gender would be a lab-created one, for example:Type:Null. The Pokédex says that Lunala is the female evolution and Solgaleo is the male version. Zacian’s Shield entry says she could be Zamazenta’s elder sister. But it also says they could just be rivals. Or they could be married!
They don't display a gender symbol on the summary screen or in battle, and they're unaffected by attract, cute charm, and captivate.

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Zacaian's Shield entry:

Some say it’s Zamazenta’s elder sister—others say the two Pokémon are rivals.

So it isn't certain whether they are siblings. It's quite possible they are, but it's also possible that they are merely rivals.

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Well those two may be inspired by the wolves that hunt the sun and moon in Nordic culture. It is said that the wolf that hunts the moon (Zacian) is more feminine looking while the other (Zamazenta) the one that hunts the sun is more masculine looking because long ago
sun = man
moon = woman
Check this link out

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I- what? I can barley tell what this is saying... And the sun and moon take is from last gen right...?
its an old video but it gives possible origines, the sun and moon take is from last gen and so the wolfes that hunt the sun and moon makes sense