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If yes, then how? This is on a new account like, made only yesterday


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Yes, you can change your username. However, your ELO and GXE for all ladders will reset, meaning you have to start from scratch. How to change: Click on your username on the right side, then choose "Change Name". Then enter the new name you want.

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I tried this before asking so there is no way to change username and keep your elo?
There's no way to keep your ELO and change username. Your old account's ELO will remain, but in new one you have to start from 1000.
I see. Honestly, they should rename that to 'add another account' or something. It's kinda misleading
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Go to any chat room and type /nick and then it will prompt you to change your username, if it doesn't work, log out and enter a new username and make a new account.

If I make a new account then that means that the elo on my first account will be lost?
I think Swastik's answer explains that but that is true as this isn't the original account anymore, is a new one, but teams don't reset
Yeah. True, team will remain tho.