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From what I've seen on this site, all it does is switch the user out. But when I was looking at a Gen 8 OU team on RMT, I saw a Slowbro that had it, and in a moveset someone showed me, a Clefable. Both were clearly competitive movesets. If Teleport just switches you out, why not switch regularly? And I'm not referring to Z-Teleport, by the way. Is there some sort of reason? Did I miss something?

It basically allows for a switch-in without taking damage as it has Negative Priority.
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You could totally switch instead of waste a move slot.

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It has negative priority and moves last, so it can bring Pokemon in safely. So say I want to bring my frail pheromosa in, but there's no good time. If my clefable uses teleport, it can bring it in safely and won't get hurt. So basically, it allows safe switches without the risky of hurting the Pokemon brought in due to negative priority.
It also can be used to stay a step ahead of the opponent. Say they have their urshufu-single-strike. It will faint or at least take huge damage from a moonblast, and so it must switch. You don't know what it will switch to, but with teleport and other pivots you can, allowing you to almost always have your Pokemon with a super effective move against it out

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Teleport is used mainly on Clefable because it also has access to Wish. It also has negative priority, so its almost guaranteed the switch-in gets 50% back. This is very useful on balance teams, who often carry Clefable to heal allies who have been damaged by hazards and their own Life Orb recoil. Other than that, Teleport is used to pivot out of unfavorable match-ups or scout the opponent's switch. Switching out has the highest priority in the game, other than the removed Pursuit, and since Teleport has negative priority, its essentially bringing in a Pokémon for free. Slowbro also puts it to good use via Regenerator, and Blissey is also a good user of the move because of Regenerator's counterpart, Natural Cure.

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Looking at the Pokemon who commonly use Teleport, you see things such as Clefable and Blissey. These are both fairly bulky Pokemon who have one thing in common -- they have a form of recovery activated by switching. Clefable has Wish, while Blissey has Natural Cure. While Wish doesn't activate by switching, it will heal its teammate by switching. If you have a low-health sweeper on your team and it won't be able to survive another hit, you may use Wish with Clefable. Clefable can take one more hit, so you stay in and use Teleport. Since it has negative priority, you sweeper won't take any damage before getting healed by Wish. Also note that Blissey can use Teleport to get rid of status due to Natural Cure. Next, onto Slowbro, Regenerator heals it when Slowbro switches. If you know that Slowbro can take another hit, you can use Teleport to pivot and your switch-in won't take damage (going back to my first point).

Teleport was also "buffed" this gen. While the move itself wasn't, the introduction of Heavy-Duty Boots is definitely one of the reasons for its popularity. While Clefable has built-in Heavy-Duty Boots (Magic Guard), Blissey and Slowbro, two common Teleport users, don't take damage because of Stealth Rock due to them.

Another reason why Teleport is popular is because its the only form of pivoting a Pokemon has. For example, Blissey is probably slow enough to be able to use Volt Switch / U-turn and deal a tiny bit of damage, but it doesn't learn either moves.

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