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Sure, it's fast, but there are faster Pokemon who can't use teleport.

Game Freak logic

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Pokèdex entries state it being able to run over "6,200 miles in a day and night." That's pretty fast. Not enough to Teleport, but still quite speedy.

Another part the Pokédex entries mention is that "It appears in many legends." It "Teleporting" could be a reference to this, as it seems to be "Teleporting" from land to land very quickly.

Another possible reason is that it's labeled as the "Legendary Pokémon." Legendaries typically have Psychic abilities, like teleporting. This is probably the least likely of my three theories, though.

And as always, Gamefreak logic.

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This fleet-footed POKéMON is said to run over 6,200 miles in a single day and night.

This is mentioned in several of Arcanine's Pokedex entries. It runs fast enough to practically teleport, or it at least appears that way to an onlooker.


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Well 6200÷24=258 1/3. While yes, that's pretty fast, faster pokemon like ninjask can't teleport.
My theory more claims that Arcanine appears to be teleporting, rather than it actually doing so. Ninjask may not be able to learn Teleport, but it certainly seems fast enough. It's honestly just Game Freak logic if you disregard the theories presented.
I guess so. Thanks to both of you