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i have an english language and a japanese hydreigon(japanese is shiny(i know it's not important!))

in this case, i have a chance of 4/8192 for the egg to become shiny means(1/2048)

is this high chance going to work?

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The high chance will increase the chance of getting a shiny one, yes. But you're going to have to be very persistent or very lucky if you want an English shiny Hydreigon.

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Yes, is it high chance that this is going to work.
Since you use the masuda method (breeding two pokemon from two different nationalities)
The chances of getting a shiny will be 1/2048 as you said.
Even though this makes it easier it still takes alot of time and doesn't mean that you always get the shiny before 2048 eggs.

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no.it's not always after 2048!
most likely the shiny should come before 2048 but it's not guaranteed it will, but arian, are you sure you read what he said? he didn't say the shiny always comes after 2048.
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I just want to add that, yes, 1/2048 is a big difference and much higher chance than 1/8192, but:

The original chance of getting a shiny is 1/8192, or a 0.000122070312% chance.
A 1/2048 is still a very low chance. It's a 0.00048828125% chance of getting a shiny, and than there's the annoying part of hatching the eggs.

I'm not sure if this method can really be put to use, but if you believe this is faster than just a two second encounter, good luck!

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Theres one thing i forgot to mention , since u play on a 5gen game the chances will be increased from 1/2048 to 1/1365
Heres the source http://www.serebii.net/games/shiny.shtml if you dont believe me

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