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Which held item suits better for Snorlax for this moveset, Chesto Berry or Leftovers?

Move 1 : Curse
Move 2 : Rest
Move 3 : Double Edge
Move 4 : Seismic Toss

Chesto Berry is to wake up Snorlax quickly from the Move Rest.
Leftovers is to stall the opponent as it has high HP (recovery is also more).

However, Rest makes the user sleep for just 2 moves.

So there is a confusion between Chesto Berry and Leftovers. Which of these suit better for Snorlax?

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What are the EVs on it?
252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Sp. Def
Brave Nature (+atk, -speed)
This is for gen 4

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If you are going to use Rest without Sleep Talk, Chesto Berry is pretty much a requirement since you would be a sitting duck after using Rest otherwise.. However, Seismic Toss damage doesn't get boosted by Curse, so it seems pretty pointless and replaceable. You could easily get rid of it for Sleep Talk which means you could run Leftovers. Ghost/Steel/Rock types still completely shut this set down, so instead you could add Earthquake or Crunch over Sleep Talk and keep the Chesto Berry.

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thats true, double-edge is stronger. both are good like you said
You said that Seismic Toss doesn't get afftected by curse, but how?


It is not mentioned here, and I did not hear it also.
because it always does the same amount of damage no matter what. if your attack is raised, it will still do damage equal to the level of your snorlax (im assuming 100) so it will always do 100 damage
Oh ok thanks
Oh now I got it! It isn't 100 BP. It does only 100 HP damage!

> The damage of Seismic Toss is equal to the user's level. So at level 100 the Pokémon will inflict 100 HP damage.