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The question says it all. If you could, please tell me how. I am currently getting Spectrier, but can you get both? If so, do you have to do something special, like trading via Home, ect, or you can easily get both in-game over the course of it?

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Technically, no. However there is a way...

You need to have both horses on separate accounts, and you need to have Pokémon home on your switch.

Put Glastrier in a box.

Log into your other account, the one that has Glastrier

Put Glastrier into the HOME box at the left

After that, go onto your main account and then transfer Glastrier from HOME to your Boxes. This also applies to Urshifu forms and regular ability starters as well.

Source: Experience and a few videos that I can't find anymore

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You have to pick one or the other, and you can only get one of them per save file.

To find them, you must go to the Crown Shrine, and they should both be there and you can pick one (to my understanding, at least).

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You can’t get Spectrier and Glastrier in the same save file. You will have to trade, or play the CT on another save file.


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