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According to Pikalytics, Glastrier has a higher "used" rate than Spectrier, but Spectrier's stats are technically better, so why is this so?

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two words. trick room.
Spectrial’s move set is terrible
It gets totally walled by Fighting/Normal types
And Glastier’s move set isn’t awesome and it has worse typing, but Trick Room makes it a little more viable, and it gets better coverage moves like ‘
Megahorn, Stomping Tantrum, Superpower and Outrage

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As I commented, Spectrier has a terrible movepool
It’s best STAB move is Shadow Ball and it’s best moves are probably Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball, which is easily walled by Fighting Types and Normal types
On the other hand, Glastrier has a better movepool, consisting of Outrage, Icicle Spear, Megahorn, Stomping Tantrum and Superpower
Glastrier is also used with Trick Room
With you outspending everything, you have a better chance to knock out your opponents Pokémon with ease, getting boosts from Chilling Neigh
With access to Swords Dance as well, its attack will be monstrous
With its boosted attack and insane bulk, once Trick Room runs out, you can either set it up again or just wall Attacks and then hitting like a truck
As Xky1 has said, with broken dragon types like Dracovish and other dragons that are in SWSH, you need the Ice Type to OHKO them fast
Hence, Glastrier is probably used over Spectrier with the reasons I have stated

Hope I helped

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Trick Room makes this Glastrier Bulkier AND faster than Spectier. And with the Dragon types that came back in SWSH, (Dragonite, Garchomp, Salamence) it puts it's ice type stab so high. Spectier is, to some people, a Special Sweeper. It is a little frail, so it can MAYBE take two Shadow balls. I never used it so it might only take one. As Glastrier can take at least three hits.

Hope I helped!

What happens once Trick Room runs out?
Good question... That I don't know the answer to. By the time trick room ends, Glastrier might be dead. If not, set it up again or just trust mega horn lol
Or maybe run a Lagging Tail+Trick set-up, it would be permanent, but can only be used by one Pokemon so you have to pick carefully which Pokemon on the oppoment's team you want to trick and hope they don't switch
No offence, but it’s pretty obvious their gonna switch
" and hope they don't switch"
If their dumb lmao
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I'd say Glastrier is more useful because of the movepool since Spectrier's movepool is more horrible with shadow ball and dark pulse the best moves. Also I recommend using Spectrier if you want the As For One form that belongs to Calyrex since it's very deadly with high special and speed with a 120 Power Stab Move which you can Combo with Focus Sash (Stand 2 hits instead of 1) or Life Orb for a 100% Kill with It's ability.