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When should use an ice stone to evolve my Alolan Sandshrew? I want to know when the best time is. For example, evolving it at a certain time may get it a move that would be very beneficial. This is for a play through. Thanks for answering! :D


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I would wait until you reach Ula'Ula Beach or Level 30. With this, you get Sandslash's best STAB in Iron Head. Other than this, Sandshrew has nothing remarkable to postpone its Evolution for. So, whichever you reach first in Ula'Ula Beach for the Move Tutor to teach Iron Head or Level 30 is when you should evolve Sandshrew.
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What about swords dance? Isn't that a good move?
@sumwun Boosting moves like Swords Dance generally aren't needed in-game, as you can use brute force to get through everything.
The TM for Swords Dance is found in Malie City which is usually accessed before Sandshrew is Level 38.
I don't play any gen 7 games. But I know that in Emerald, your Pokemon are often under-leveled when you battle gym leaders or Elite 4 members, so your best moves often 2HKO or 3HKO them. Attack-raising moves like swords dance turns many of them into OHKOs, and it lets you do stuff like sweeping a team of level 50 Pokemon using one level 46 Pokemon. Do strategies like this not work in gen 7?
But if the TM is easy to find then that's probably a good reason to evolve earlier.