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I was playing Showdown, National Dex AG. My opponent sent out a level 1 Pineco and I sent out my level 1 Togedemaru. I used Endeavor, and it showed the message that it didn't effect Pineco. The Pineco had Berry Juice, so I know it wasn't until that. Does Endeavor fail on level 1 Pokemon? Was it an ability. Please let me know what happened.

Any replay for that?
Sorry, but no. I didn't save the replay.

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It was its HP. Sturdy doesn't negate Endeavor, nor does it fail on Level 1 Pokemon. At Level 1, Pineco has a HP of 12, without EVs and 31 IVs. Togedemaru also has same. Assuming that your HP was equal or greater than that of your target, that's why it failed.
Source: Experience.

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That makes sense. Thanks.