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So, like the question says, does Grudge deplete the PP of moves that don't actually affect the user?
In case you're confused with my question, here's an example:

Grudge: If the users faints after using this move, the PP for the opponent's last move is depleted.

Your opponent has a Shuppet with 2 HP, and Poison.
You, on your side have a Milotic.

The Shuppet uses Grudge on the start of the turn, and Milotic uses Recover.
After Milotic has recovered HP, Shuppet faints at the end of the turn from Poison.
At that time, will Grudge deplete all of Toxic's PP or Recover's PP, or will it simply do nothing?


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In your example, Grudge will do nothing.

Grudges effect activates when hit by direct attack such as Dark Pulse, not indirect attacks like future sight leech seed or poison.

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