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In the Pokedex, can you see form changes for Pokemon you haven't caught? Im shiny hunting Regice with the run away method in Crown Tundra and if I miss it, (because it's shiny barely changes) will I be able to see it's shiny form in my Pokedex without me catching it.


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Yes! You can see it's shiny form even for a Pokémon you haven't caught. The same applies to the forms too. A Pokédex will record Location data, cry, appearance (Variations in ♂️ and♀️, other forms, shinies) for a Pokémon you have seen. You only need to catch it for getting details on Pokédex entries, Footprint, species. Since you need the data of Form/shiny changes, making a Pokémon appear in battle is only enough.

(This applies to all games including Sw/Sh)

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