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which one can have an advantage over more gyms and has better moves.I picked raboot as my starter if it helps. it would be great if you gave me move-sets.
current team:
raboot : double kick, ember, tackle, flame charge .
chargabug: charge, mud slap, bite, bug bite .
steenee: razor leaf,magical leaf, seed bomb, dazzling gleam .
corvisquire :hone claws, pluck, peck, scary face .
axew: dragon claw, scratch, bite, scary face .

I have a tiny suggestion. For Raboot, instead of Tackle, Quick Attack. It has Priority and is generally better.

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STAB attacks super effective against Milo and part of Raihan's team, plus a couple Pokemon in the Champion Cup
Weak to the main STABs of Opal, Melony, Raihan, Eternatus, and some opponents in the Champion Cup
Blistering Speed
Solid Special Attack
Can be found fairly early
Learns reliable moves like Dragon Pulse, Psychic, Air Slash, Boomburst, and Flamethrower
Evolves quite late
Crippling Ice weakness
Defenses aren't the best
Overlaps types with Haxorus and Corviknight

STAB attacks super effective against Milo, Eternatus, and a few Pokemon in the Champion Cup
Weak to the main STABs of Allister, Melony, and Piers
Speed is solid, not as good as Noivern's, however
Worse Special Attack than Noivern
Learns nice moves like Psychic, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave, and Energy Ball
Friendship evolutions are a pain
Overlaps types with Corviknight

Overall, I would say Noivern is better. Here's a set:

Noivern @ Sharp Beak / Dragon Fang
Ability: doesn't matter
- Boomburst
- Dragon Pulse
- Air Slash / Hurricane
- filler (Psychic / Shadow Ball / Flamethrower are solid choices, but any Special Attack is good)

Hope I helped!

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