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Like it gets belly drum off with gluttony and sitrus berry
Extreme speed
Shadow claw
Seed bomb
Even most uber teams can't survive after
Belly drum so why is it in RUBL?

Even with Sitrus Berry it is very likely to get ohko'd without follow me support, which is unavailable in singles. Afaik belly drum is Linoone's only viable set so most people understand that they should just defeat in one turn it instead of anything else. Also Ghost and Steel types. Extreme Speed is less useful against them and other moves don't have priority.

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However, even after using Belly Drum, Linoone is revenge killed by every faster Normal-resistant or immune Pokemon such as Cobalion, Gengar and Scizor which uses Bullet Punch to do massive damage. Because of its low defensive stats, Linoone can be OHKO'd by many offensive threats, which makes setting up against offensive teams even at full health. Furthermore, Linoone's sub par stats leave it outclassed by other set up sweepers that use priority moves like Belly Drum Azumarill and Swords Dance Scizor. Linoone is a one-time sweeper that is utterly useless before setting up and is quite frail.

This is why. It gets outclassed by other set up sweepers and if you blow its setup chance, it is a wasted slot on your team.

Source: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/linoone.3625365/

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