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Like the question says. There are times when I wanna adjust a team I have and test it out later. So, I adjust a team and then close the program. I relaunch the program again and the changes were not saved. When I was adjusting the team, there was no 'save changes' button. The only way I've found was to actually battle after making the changes and I usually don't wanna do that because the rng on showdown is just bs. So, how do you save some changes to a team without battling with the changes immediately?

Some users have reported this, but so far I don't have issues. Perhaps is just a browser problem. But you could go to backup teams and you should see a bunch of text. Then copy it and put it in any form of a notepad, then if it isn't saved, copy the lost text. Although this isn't effective but so far is the only way.
What browser are you using? Do you still have disk space? Are cookies turned off?
I'm not using any browser. I'm using the showdown program. I mentioned that in the details

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There isn't a way to save changes to a team, it should do that automatically. There's many bugs in the downloaded version of Showdown, use the browser one instead.

Just click on this to go there.

If you keep running into problems, you can go into the help room on Showdown. You could also try switching your browser.

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