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My friend and I are taking our teams from SS/HG and importing them into Showdown so that we can have a "rival battle" after every gym. I keep changing the "IVs" boxes to match what reflects in my SS game, yet any time I exit (like move on to the moves or go to change to the next Pokemon) they change back to the standard array of 31-31-31.

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@JustATypicalPerson That's not the case for me, my IVs save no matter what else I change (i.e. EVs, moves, items etc). Showdown! typically wants 0 IVs on your Attack stat (check https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/401616/?show=401681#a401681 for more on this), and resetting them to 31 is *not* in its program code.
@Aaaaaaa when I posted this question, I was using the downloadable showdown program. Unless I keep double checkin before I battle, my team changes are not guaranteed to save. THis was too much of a pain in the ass so I just decided to use the browser one instead

@JustATypicalPerson do you mean that on the downloadable program? Because changes on the showdown website saves just normal
@Kreepy Wdym? The question wasn't asked by you...
Did you create an alt to ask this question?
Oh nvm. I asked a question that was near exact to this one and thought it was mine. If I'm not mistaken the answer I got explains the stuff this question is asking. My bad
I was talking about the Showdown website, as that's what usually happens for me when editing IVs.

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