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I heard somewhere that Peonia can give you the locations for Dynamax Adventures that are exclusive to the other versions game, like Kyogre and Yveltal. Is this true?

As soon as I caught my shiny Moltres she gave me the Moltres den three times in a row
If the pokemon in the front of your party is a legendary pokemon that can be caught through dynamax adventures she will always give you that pokemon
Huh. That's interesting
I think that is true, because after I found my shiny Lunala she kept on giving me Lunala and I had my shiny in the front of my party
So you can find multiple of the same legendary? I haven't been in the Max Adventures a lot.
You can only catch one but you can encounter them as much times as you want

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If you are playing Shield, Peonia will only recommend Shield exclusives. The same for Sword. You must connect with people playing a different version to get those version exclusives. Just going online, searching for anything, and inviting others will give you a chance at getting other version exclusives.

She recommends the exclusives for your version and the ones that are exclusive for neither.


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