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So, I started playing on a different account from my main, so I can play through the Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor and Main Story again. However, on my first run-through of the Dynamax adventure, I encountered and caught a Pheromosa. This is an Ultra-Beast, and according to my research, not able to encounter until after you complete all 3 main legendary clues. So how was I able to encounter it and catch it under these circumstances. A similar thing happened with Groudon. A Sword exclusive not encounterable in Shield, the game I am playing through right now. So again, how was I was I able to encounter it and catch it? I got the info of it being version exclusive from Bulbapedia, so Bulbapedia might be incorrect on that, but I am pretty sure you can’t encounter Ultra-Beasts until you complete the main 3 Legendary Clues. If it helps anyone, I have this information:

  • My Shield Cartridge was never owned by anyone else, I got it brand new when I did get it.
  • I have never hacked/modded my Shield Cartridge.
  • I have never exploited glitches once.
  • I caught the Pheromosa before I caught anything else in the Crown Tundra.
  • My Shield File has 93 hours of play time, and a few more do to soft reseting for the Regis, and Birds.

Is this a glitch or what?

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were you playing online? If so, you can access other people's Dynamax Adventures and legendaries that they have. Basically if you connected online to a Sword player, you could have had Groudon, and anyone has Pheramosa too, sooooo that's my hot take on it at least :]
Yes, I am now sure I was playing online when I caught Groudon, but I am very sure I was offline when I caught Pheromosa.
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Oh, ok! Np.

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You were likely playing online
If you are playing online, you can join other people’s dynamax adventures. This includes people with Ultra Beasts and the other version.

Source:Experience (and also this)
Hope this helps!

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I'm pretty sure you need to go to Y-COMM and click on a Max Raid Adventure you want to join, I don't think you automatically connect to someone else's game
Um...my source is experience. I connected to the internet and went to a random Max adventure, and I’ve found Xerneas and plenty of UBs and such. You join other people’s games. Also, you can’t click on and join through the Y-Comm, which I know again from experience.
Ok, I am pretty sure I caught Groudon online, but I am absolutely sure I was offline when I caught Pheromosa. So I am pretty sure my game glitched.
Hm. That’s...odd. Must be a glitch or you just forgot you were online.
Yeah. (Filler)
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From my experience and several sources which I will list if you want me to, the first two Pokemon you find in a Dynamax Adventure are Suicune (1st) and Tapu Koko (2nd). Also, like you said, you need to beat all 3 legendary quests to find the Ultra Beasts. The Groudon in a Pokemon Shield Dynamax Adventure is the Cherrim on top; all this evidence points to the fact that your game is glitched, or that someone broke into your house late at night and modded your game.

I’ve read quite a few posts from people do didn’t get Suicune first, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get Tapu Koko second
Ok, I remember now, and I definitely got Suicune first. But I know I didn’t get Tapu Koko second.
Interesting, I'm going to search for more info
I'm p sure Suicune is coded to always come first